Fortepiano Joseph Dohnal, inv.n. Hb 32

The instrument is owned by the South Moravian Museum in Znojmo. This is a rare instrument of the Viennese builder Joseph Dohnal (I), born on November 20, 1759 in Nenakonice near Dub nad Moravou, died on December 30, 1829 in Vienna. In 1818, he handed over the business to his son of the same name.

Dating: 1818 (label inside the instrument/Bohuslav Čížek) Vienna.

Tone range: F1- f4 – six octaves.

Previous known restoration interventions: not documented.

Period of restoration works: 06/2018 – 12/2019.

The concept of the restoration: The investor wanted to bring the instrument into playable condition. Therefore, after initial research and consultation, restoration of the instrument started. The instrument was sensitively restored and despite the extent of its damage it was put into playable condition (it can also be used for concert playing) while preserving its integrity and authenticity – as many of the original components were preserved, leaving patina and traces of use and subsequent modifications. The instrument does not bear the signs of contemporary intervention – restoration, and gives the impression that it has been preserved in this condition and form.

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