Italian virginal after Honofrius Guarracinus, Naples 1661

(Original – Musikinstrumenten – Museum SIMPK / Berlín)

range C – f3, transposing 415/440/465 Hz, 54+2 notes, stops 1×8′, dimensions 163x54x19 cm, body limewood, bottom board spruce, sounding board Valle di Fiemme spruce, keyboard 54 notes – plumwood naturals, ebony-topped plumwood sharps, parchment rosette, wooden jacks with delrin plectra, yellow brass and soft iron wire strings

finish body – coloured, varnished, ornamental painting

tuning key, Italian type folding stand with turned legs – natural waxed, fabric carrying case for the instrument, fabric carrying case for the stand

This instrument is suitable for Baroque music of the early and middle period within its range. It is appropriate for both solo and chamber performance and also for use in small ensembles. It is very resonant, even in larger spaces. In view of its fairly easy keyboard we can recommend this instrument for children and beginners (such as at Basic Music Schools in the Czech Republic). This virginal combines very well with all types of flutes, as well as will strings and wind instruments in general.