German spinet after Johann H. Silbermann, Strasburg 1767

(Original – Germanisches Nationalmuseum – Sammlung historischer Musikinstrumente / Norimberk)

range FF – f3, transposing 415/440 Hz, 61+1 notes, stops 1×8′, dimensions 188x72x22 cm, body limewood, bottom board spruce, sounding board Valle di Fiemme spruce, keyboard: 61notes – plumwood naturals, ebony-topped plumwood sharps, parchment rosette, wooden jacks with delrin plectra, red and yellow brass and soft iron wire strings

body finish – coloured, varnished; screw-in turned legs, body inlaid with walnut-veneered hazel, varnished, waxed, carved hazel legs

tuning key, fabric carrying case for the instrument, fabric carrying case for the stand

This large spinet with its original range of five octaves is suitable for High Baroque compositions, particularly German. It is ideal for chamber ensemble or as basso continuo in a smaller chamber orchestra. Its range also makes it suitable for solo performance or as a practice instrument. But has all the attributes of a top-class instrument of its type.