Flemish double-manual harpsichord after Joannes Ruckers, Antwerpen 1616

(Original - private collection, Paris)

range FF – f3, transposing 415/440 Hz, 61+1 notes, stops 2×8′, 1×4′, lute, or with different dispositions stops 3×8′, 1×4′, lute, dimensions 232x94x28 cm, body lime-tree wood (bass-wood), bottom board spruce, sounding board Val di Fiemme spruce, double manual keyboard 61 notes – plumwood naturals, ebony-topped plumwood sharps, wooden jacks with delrin plectra (quill feather plectra – supplementary charge), red & yellow brass and soft iron wire strings Malcolm Rose

gilded metal rose, decorative wallpapers with painted arabesk on the lid, painted marble and varnished finish of exterior, ornamental paintings on the sides of the instrument, rose with painted flowers, full flower decorated soundboard, keyfronts parchment arcades, ebony-topped naturals, bone-topped ebony sharps, bone coverings of naturals (on request)

tuning key, folding stand with straight legs, natural or colored oak, oiled and waxed, folding stand with turned legs, natural or colored oak, oiled and waxed, folding stand with turned legs, painted, flemish style stand with curved legs and turned balusters, price after agreement, padded canvas cover for instrument, padded canvas cover for stand This large concert double manual harpsichord with extended disposition possibilities is a very suitable instrument for the entire range of musical literature from High Renaissance to High Baroque. Stops 4’and primary 8’plays on lower manual and two secondary 8’and lute plays independently or together on upper manual. This instrument has interesting disposition possibilities.