German double-manual harpsichord after Michael Mietke, cca. 1710

(Original – Schoss Charlottenburg / Berlín)

range FF – f3, transposing 415/440 Hz, 61+1 notes, stops 2×8′, 1×4′, lute, dimensions 239x95x29 cm, body alder, bottom board spruce, sounding board Valle di Fiemme spruce, double-manual Keyboard 61 notes – plumwood naturals, ebony-topped plumwood sharps, wooden jacks with delrin plectra, red and yellow brass wire stringing

inside of instrument natural wood with rich mouldings, external finish (coloured, varnished), body decorated with painted or gilt ornaments

tuning key, dual-frame stand with six legs – German type, folding stand with straight legs – natural waxed, fabric carrying case for the instrument, fabric carrying case for the stand

This is a large concert harpsichord eminently suitable for High Baroque music as a solo or chamber instrument, but also with orchestra. In view of its markedly transparent sound, which is chiefly of the German harpsichord, it is not only ideal for German music but also for polyphony of every variety, and for Italian and English Baroque compositions. Having a highly melodious quality thanks to the small number of partial aliquot tones ranging from a one-line octave to a descant, this German harpsichord is excellent for chamber ensemble performance along with other solo instruments.