German double–manual harpsichord after Johann Heinrich Harrass, Grossbreitenbach 1706

(Original – Schoss Sondershausen)

 range FF – f3, transposing 415/440 Hz, 61+1 notes, stops: lower man.: 8´, 16´, upper man.: 8´, 4´, buff stop 8´, 16´, dimensions 249x98x30cm,
body: beech wood, bottom board spruce; sounding board: Val di Fiemme spruce, double manual keyboard: 61 notes – ebony-topped naturals, bone-topped ebony sharps; wooden jacks with delrin plectra (quill feather plectra – supplementary charge), red & yellow brass


 inside of instrument colored/painted, external surface finish: colored/painted, varnished, gilded mouldings on the sides and lids of instrument, painted and gilded cryptogram J. S. Bach on the lid – depends on variant, body of the instrument decorated with painted or with golden/silver ornaments.


note stand, tuning key, dual-frame stand with eight legs – German type, folding stand with straight legs – natural waxed, fabric carrying case for the instrument and for the stand and legs.

This is a large concert harpsichord eminently suitable for High Baroque music as a solo or chamber instrument, but also with orchestra.