Italian single-manual harpsichord after Giovanni Battista Giusti, Lucca 1681

(Original - Germanisches Nationalmuseum – Sammlung historischer Musikinstrumente / Nürenberg))

range C – c3, transposing 415/440/465 Hz, 49 + 2 notes, stops 2×8′, dimensions 200 x 83 x 24 cm, weight 45kg, body false inner – outer corpus, material of corpus is lime-tree wood (bass-wood), sounding board Val di Fiemme spruce, single-manual keyboard 49 notes – boxwood naturals, ebony topped walnut sharps, wooden jacks with delrin plectra (quill feather plectra – supplementary charge) red and yellow brass wire stringing

different or extended range is possible after agreement transposing 392/415/440 Hz is possible on request 

inside of instrument oiled natural wood, external finish colored, vermilion/cinnabar with gilded/silvered molding according to original, varnished, simplified decoration with reduced price is possible on request sound quality, mechanic and technological tasks are absolutely the same – instruments are ranked among first-rate concert instruments, price difference is proportional to the costs of decoration

tuning key, italian-type folding stand – natural or colored, varnished, waxed or italian-type stand with ornamental fretwork possible after agreement, fabric carrying case for the instrument, fabric carrying case for the stand